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Create more space and add value to a property with a brilliant conversion.

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Converting areas of your home into usable living space is a great idea. It’s a cost-effective option to get more room and it saves you having to move home! It will also certainly increase the value of your property.

We’ve successfully worked on hundreds of conversions and helped owners make the most of their house. Whether you want an extra bedroom, dining room, office or living room, we will be able to help you.

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Your work will be completed to the highest quality by experienced tradespeople who appreciate what it takes to make a project come together. The entire team at D&N Construction pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer service. We want you to be proud of your home and we’ll work with you to ensure that you’re happy with the end result.

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What do you need to think about when converting a garage or outbuilding?

If you’re planning on making your outbuilding or garage into a hospitable room then you may want to think about insulation, plumbing, heating and electrics, which means you’ll have to comply with building regulations.

    • Insulation and Damp Proofing - proper insulation ensures that the room is easier and cheaper to heat, it will also be a lot nicer to spend time in during the winter months! You will also benefit from damp-proofing during the build as it will prevent mould and damp developing.
    • Water & Plumbing - if you are adding in utility room, home office or studio, then you may want running water, which means plumbing. In which case, you’ll want to use qualified professionals and conform to regulations.
    • Electricity - for lights, plugs and electric radiators you’ll need to think about how much power you’ll need, in which case it’s best to get an electrician involved to recommend the correct solution.
    • Heating - if your garage or outbuilding is next to your house then you may be able to add it to your central heating system. If not, then you’ll have to think about an alternative. Either way, you’ll have to ensure that it meets building regulations.

We can help you with the entire process. We’ve done it before and we know what the requirements are to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

To discuss your project with a member of the D&N Construction team, call us on 01722 510105 or email us at info@dandnconstruction.co.uk.

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