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Moving into a new office or want to renovate & modernise your existing one? Transform your workplace into a hub of creativity. A new look to your office can spring life into your workforce and give you a place that you’re proud to show-off.

You can create a great working environment that meets the requirements of running a business but also makes your staff more productive. We’ll take the time to understand what you want and need and implement the renovation development work ensuring a quality finish.

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Why choose D&N Construction?

D&N Construction is an experienced team that will complete your office renovation project to a high-standard and in a timely manner. We can help you from the early stages of planning an office renovation. We’ll be able to give you an insight into the feasibility of some of your ideas and give you a rough idea of costs and timescales.

While it’s ideal to temporarily relocate a workforce in order for us to carry out renovation work, sometimes our clients require the work to be carried out during business hours. In this case, we will work with you to minimise disruption to your workforce. And, most importantly, we’ll ensure that all health and safety measures are taken when working in an office environment. Why not look at some of our recent projects?

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Things to think about

Want to go ahead with remodelling your office? Here’s what you should think about:

Time it right

Construction work can have an impact on your workforce. While any contractor will try to limit the disruption there’ll be a lot more people in your office and it may get a bit noisier. We’d recommend choosing a timeframe during your quietest period of the year and work with your contractor to get a realistic timeline so that you can plan. We’ll discuss with you your options and learn about the way you work in order to limit possible disruption so that it won’t affect your team.

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