Single Storey Extensions

An extension is a cost-effective way to enhance your home and ultimately your lifestyle.


A single storey extension could provide the additional space you are searching for without the high costs involved in moving home.

Natural light will help create the illusion of a larger living space which can be easily achieved by installing sky lanterns and bi-fold doors. We work with you to maximize your home’s potential and ultimately deliver the extension you want.

Bungalow Roof Extension
Single Storey Side Extension
Rear Single Storey Kitchen Extension

When planning to build your extension, you may wish to make provisions for the future should you decide to build above your single storey extension. With our expertise, we are able to advise you of the appropriate foundations, steelworks and lintels to put in place to avoid higher costs in the future.  

We have worked on a variety of single-storey extension projects, ranging from kitchen extensions to garage extensions and not forgetting bungalow extensions too. Take a look at some of our recently completed projects to see how we can work with you to extend your home.

Start your single storey extension project

Do you need planning permission for a single storey extension?

D&N can help you review if you will require planning permission. There are several factors involved such as the size, the height, how far it extends out from the existing building and more. With many years in the construction trade, we will be able to advise on an individual case by case basis as to whether planning permission is required.

Recent Extension Projects Have Included:

Why choose D&N Construction?

Our experienced team of construction professionals have built many single-storey extensions at homes in Salisbury and across the South of England. Whether you’re building a garage, extending your kitchen, or adding space to your bungalow, D&N Construction can help you. We build quality home extensions in accordance with the latest building regulations using materials to complement your homes existing aesthetic. D&N Construction offer project management services to oversee the planning and construction of your single storey extension.

Extension Ideas

You know your home’s space better than anybody which is why we work closely with you to ensure the end result meets your requirements. We are able to offer a fresh perspective in the design stages that may offer alternative uses of space. After all, you don’t want to lose valuable space when the objective is to gain it.

Kitchen Extension

Kitchen extensions are a common form of a single storey extension used to create the extra space you desire. The option to have an open plan kitchen enhanced by natural light can really better the flow of space in your home.

Many people think of their kitchen as the ‘heart of the home’ so it’s important for us to work with you to create your vision.

Bungalow Extension

Commonly, bungalows have larger gardens allowing you to extend at the side and rear. Opening an external wall to go open plan is a popular design option to help introduce natural light to your key living areas.

D&N Construction will work with you to enhance your existing bungalow structure and may even be able to suggest alternative layouts that you perhaps hadn’t thought about.  

Side Extension

Side extensions are the perfect way to utilise what may be ‘wasted space’ and allows you to avoid eating up your valuable garden area. A popular example of a side extension is the addition of a utility room to the kitchen area.

A side extension can be designed as a contrasting feature using modern materials such as glass and steel against your existing structure for a contemporary twist. Incorporating glass into your build gains natural light that can give the illusion of a much more spacious interior. 

Garage Extension

Garage extensions are an alternative way of extending your house and potentially increasing your property’s value. Not only does a garage extension provide you with a safe place to store your car but it can provide you with added living space too. A garage extension can be used as additional storage space or even provide a workshop area for occasional hobbies.


D&N Construction has been working with homeowners to create the ideal living space that fit their lifestyles for many years. Speak to a member of our construction team to find out the options available to you. Call us on 01722 510105 or visit our contact page. 

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