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If you want to freshen up your patio or driveway, then why not consider block paving?

We are block paving experts and can help you design and create perfect patios, pathways and driveways using natural stone blocks. Block paving is a diverse solution and is available in a range of stone sizes, colours and textures so that your design can be totally unique to your home. We have used block paving to help transform the look and feel of countless homes throughout Wiltshire over a number of years.


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From traditional Cotswold cobbles to modern anthracite clean cut paving stones, you will find the right material to complement your property. Block paving can be laid out in different arrangements to create a uniformed pattern or feature area. We can include kerb edging, brick walls and block paved steps to your property and install dropped kerbs as required to complete your design.



Basketweave pattern is a simple grid design that is commonly used in spaces with a long straight edge. For a more eye-catching driveway or patio design, use a mixture of coloured stones to create your basketweave.



Herringbone patterns can be laid at different angles to create different designs. The most common is at 45-degrees and 90-degrees. A herringbone patio or driveway can use two different coloured stones to create a contrasting aspect to its design with a soldier course border.



Circular block paved garden patios are a popular choice. They can be installed around a tree’s trunk to emphasise its presence or installed alone to create a focal outdoor dining area. A paved circle is often used in the centre of grand driveways providing a focal point and helps to break up larger areas.



Octant paving is an alternative pattern or shape of the paving block that can be used to create your design. Whether you have an octant shaped patio, lay them side by side to create a larger pattern, or use it as a feature in your driveway, it’s a different variation to consider.

Stretcher Bond

Stretcher Bond

Stretcher Bond is a simple yet effective linear design that offsets each joint by exactly half the width of the block being used. It’s easy to combine circular or octant designs with the stretcher bond pattern and create contrasting edging using a different coloured stone.


Curved paved border designs create fluid lines that offer a contrast between paved areas and grass lawns or planted borders. Curved edges are a great way of adding a shapely aspect to your design. Create grand sweeping openings into paved walkways and driveways using curved borders.



Preparation is key. We offer a complete building service where we use our own certified drivers and machinery to prepare your driveway and patio foundations through excavating, clearing and levelling the area. Our knowledgeable team will install the required drainage system to meet building regulations and deliver a quality outdoor area that is built to last.


Once the working area has been cleared and drainage is installed, a sub-base is put in place. Depending on your design specification, we can install restraints in the form of kerb edging, pre-cast edging or use paving blocks to create a frame. 


Choose your block paved pattern and design, and our skilled team of builders will prepare and install your patio, pathways and driveway. All our paving services are installed using a plate vibrator to ensure there are no voids. Once the block paving is in place, kiln dried sand is swept across the newly paved area to fill all the joints between the blocks.

You can read more about our driveway construction services to find out how D&N can deliver a new block paving driveway that will really make a statement.

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