A new driveway can often be a technical challenge so it’s important to find a professional installer. Our experienced team of builders can provide guidance, plan your project and deliver a high-quality installation in budget and on time. D&N Construction can provide expert advice to help choose the best products to achieve your desired finish for your driveway project.


Stretcher Bond Block Paved Driveway
Gravel Driveway Preparation
Landscaped Driveway


We offer a full range of services to help create your desired driveway. Like all construction jobs, good foundations are imperative, so ground preparation is a key part of the installation process. Once our trained digger drivers have excavated and cleared the area, borders and boundaries will be built in place to determine the size and shape of your new driveway. We will then construct a concrete level base for your driveway to be built upon.   



It is important to have a contractor with the required qualifications to carry out drainage works. D&N Construction is an approved contractor for Wessex Water – including Confined Spaces and Street Works accreditation. We’ll assess your driveway and consider factors that may put a strain on your drainage system and devise a course of action to implement an effective system.



You want an installer you can rely on. We take pride in the quality and delivery of our building work. Our skilled team of builders have many years of experience in successfully installing driveways constructed from block paving, tarmac and gravel and shingle.



This natural stone solution allows you to create a traditional or contemporary driveway to your property. Block paved driveways are a popular choice of surface due to its varying coloured, sized and textured product offering.

You can be creative with your design with circles and octants or linear borders and raised driveway edging. Use contrasting colours to enhance your design or choose natural stone block paving for something more contemporary.

Block paved driveways are a premium choice. They are a worthwhile investment that offers practical space with a stunning design. Discuss your requirements with our team of professional installers to find out how D&N Construction can deliver the driveway you have always wanted. 



Using this loose material offers a low-cost alternative with various material options available. Shingle and gravel are available in a range of stone size, texture and colour so you can select the best variation to complement your property and achieve your desired look. It’s an economical solution that can be installed quickly and easily.

D&N Construction can construct a sub-base with an edge-restraint to help keep your driveway stones off the road. This type of driveway can be noisy but also works well as a deterrent.



Tarmac is a hard surface that combines aggregates with bitumen and is available in a range of colours to complement your property. Tarmac can be used in conjunction with other driveway finishes such as a block paved edge. We offer a professional service to deliver a long-lasting driveway with certified digger operatives and licenses for street works.



We offer a comprehensive range of services to complete your construction project, including brick wall construction, dropped kerbs for easy access and paving services. Speak to a member of our friendly team for more information on how D&N Construction can deliver your new driveway.


Let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll project manage your new driveway from start to finish, ensuring you get the new driveway you want. Contact us by calling 01722 510 105 to arrange a free no-obligation quote or visit our contact page. 

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